Foam-Control MAXX 100,150,250

Product Description

Foam-Control MAXX 100, 150, 250 is a next generation insulation product line with a maximum R-value powered by graphite. Foam‑Control MAX is a premium grade insulation manufactured to provide architects, specifiers, distributors, and contractors all the features and benefits inherent in a high quality insulation.

Foam-Control MAXX is produced in block form and is easily positioned at the work site. Standards sizes:

      • (ft) 2 x 8
      • (ft) 4 x 8
      • (ft) 4 x 9
      • Other sizes can be supplied to meet project requirement.
      • Thickness :
      • 1 1/16”
      • 2 1/8”
      • 3/16”
      • 4 1/4”

Foam-Control MAXX maximizes onsite installation efficiency: material arrives ready to place, no weather delays.

Foam-Control EPS Geofoam meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C578, “Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation” Foam-Control MAXX is monitored for Quality Control and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Cost effective design is among the highest priorities for industrial, packaging, and construction applications. Foam‑Control MAX products are available in a range of Types necessary to provide control of structural integrity, thermal resistance (R-value), and cost effectiveness.

Please consult the Foam-Control MAXX TechData which provides additional information, design considerations, and technical information on the full range of EPS  materials available. Please also refer to ASTM C578, , ASTM C272, ASTM D7180, and ASTM D7557